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April 10, 2014

Best Beauty Products For Pregnant Women

See which products mommies-to-be rated the highest
9 Best Beauty Products for Pregnant Women
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When you're pregnant, everyone has an opinion. It can seem like everyone is weighing in with a list of do's and don'ts -- and that can be overwhelming. Wouldn't it be nice to hear what you can do to make yourself feel and look good? We thought so. We scoured the reviews of moms and moms-to-be to find out which products were not only safe for those expecting, but actually helped readers with common pregnancy woes like stretch marks, breakouts and nail care. average reader rating: 7.1
"I use this product pretty much every day as a moisturizer and sunscreen," says one reader. average reader rating: 8.1
One reviewer says of these henna bricks, "I have used both caca rouge and caca marron and love both. I am left with beautiful rich red color and my thin hair gets a boost of thickness afterwards." average reader rating: 8.3
"It's all-natural, so [there's] nothing scary that can cause physical problems," says one reader.
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April 09, 2014 - April Beauty Events and Beauty Giveaways

If you love learning about the latest and hottest trends in beauty then you MUST check out! Here you will find the locations of  beauty events in your area so that you can get a sneak-peak at the latest in beauty and get a jumpstart on your springtime beauty shopping. For example, "on May 2nd, 3rd, and 5th, you can check out the L’Oreal Suncare events at CVS and Walgreens. You can also go to the Walgreens SaturDate with Beauty with Simple on April 12th to try their skincare products and get coupons. Information about free beauty events is available on our website where spas and retailers can promote their events.  To find out if an event will be near you, just enter your zip code in the upper right hand corner of our home page. On our site you can enter your zip code to find out what makeover, gift with purchase, spa open houses and sampling events are happening near your home. Readers can also follow us on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Twitter. In addition to listing in-store makeovers, also features a blog on product reviews ('
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"We also do contests with smaller prizes on our blog. For our latest contest, we will be giving away 5 prizes. Each prize will consist of Simple Protecting Light Moisturizer SPF 15, POND’S Luminous Finish BB+ Cream Light, and Olay Fresh Effects Long Live Moisture! Satin Finish Lotion. The Contest runs from 4/1/2014 to 6/30/2014, winners will be chosen on 7/1/2014 and notified by 7/15/2014. To enter, all people have to do is go to and supply their name, email (only used to contact winners), and zip."  Please let me know what you think.  Till then!  B.

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African American Beauty Tips From The Pros

Your handy hot list to the most flattering lipsticks, eye shadows and foundations
African American Tips From the Pros
This is a Makeup article
For some African American women, finding the right cosmetics can feel like an impossible mission. Many cosmetic lines have a limited range of foundation colors (a three-shade variety just isn't gonna cut it for most of us), while some eye shadows lack the pigment necessary to pop on a darker complexion. We got the scoop on the best makeup tips for darker skin tones from pro makeup artists who have worked with some of the best-known African American beauties.
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April 07, 2014

PMD Personal Microdermabrasion Road Test

We asked 50 women to give us their honest-to-goodness thoughts about this home microdermabrasion device
Road Test: PMD Personal Microderm
This is a Skin Care article
Microdermabrasion can take your skin from dull to glowing -- fast. This heavy-duty exfoliation process can help everything from acne to fine lines and wrinkles, but can cost a pretty penny when done at the salon. Enter: the PMD Personal Microderm, an at-home device that is purported to give you that just-went-to-the-spa glow -- without the spa. Does it live up to its claims? Here's what some of our reviewers said.
March 30, 2014

Get Better Skin From The Inside Out

In a perfect world, winter would turn us into totally adorable, fairy-like beings. Pink cheeks, flawless skin and long, dark eyelashes dusted with snowflakes should make up for winter storms and sky-high heating bills. In reality, a long winter takes its toll in other, less desirable ways, leaving us raw, red and sniffle-y. Suffice it to say frosty weather rails against our skin -- not only from the outside, but also from the inside. Cold weather means cold season, and when your immunity is compromised, so is your skin. Combat dry, dull, flaky winter skin with these six skin-saving nutrients. From Total
These super-nutrients will give you healthy skin from within
Solve Your Winter Skin Issues From the Inside Out
This is a Skin Care article
Cold weather doesn't just mean the return of sky-high heating bills, long mornings shoveling snow out of your driveway and chapped, raw skin ... it also signals the return of cold and flu season. And when your immune system is compromised, so is your skin. These skin-saving nutrients will help combat your dry, flaky winter skin from the inside out.
March 27, 2014

Beauty Box 5 - March Beauty Box 5 Review

Once again Beauty Box 5 has blown me away with their super amazing assortment of the hottest beauty products that are delivered right to my door. This month's Beauty Box 5 contained all the skin care essentials I need to make a fresh start with my skin this spring.  My Beauty Box 5 contained a Jane's Pick All Natural Soap, #janespick.  If you love your soap chemical free and created from an all natural blend of herbs and flowers that cleans without stripping away skin's natural moisture, then this is your kind of soap!  Not only do these handmade bars of soap work well but they are also so pretty to look at. And since we are talking about "clean" it makes perfect sense to talk about the next item in my Beauty Box 5, the Swissco Dual-Sided-Facial Pad, #swisscollc.  If soft, smooth skin is what you crave then you will love what this facial pad can do for your skin.  It gently exfoliates, smoothes and adds a gorgeous glow to skin after use.  I simply apply a few drops of my favorite cleanser to the facial pad a few times a week for a cleaner, healthier looking complexion.  And to make my skin "picture perfect" I have been using and loving the Bellapierre Cosmetics Makeup Base, #bellapierreusa, to conceal, camouflage and illuminate my less than perfect complexion.  This amazing skin perfecting multi-tasker does all the above plus it serves as an eyeshadow primer to help my skin look more youthful and flawless all day long. So now others only see my beautiful skin and not my imperfections.

Even though we have officially exited winter and have entered spring, dry rough hands are still a problem for me.  Thankfully,  Tree Hut's Moisturizing Hand Cream, #treehut, has come to my rescue.  This indulgent cream smells amazing and does an incredible job at soothing and softening dry hands.  I love that this hand cream is infused organic shea butter, argan oil and chamomile extract, is paraben free and is chock full of anti-oxidants to renew and restore dull tired hands. And finally for all my girls with curls you MUST check out the Design Essentials Natural Curl Enhancing Mousse, #designessentials. I had my daughter who has naturally curly hair try this one out and since then I can't seem to get it back from her!  She loves how this product smoothes, tames and defines even the most unruly curls. Her hair looks soft, full, shiny and is totally frizz-free, it's like she had a curl makeover.  But what I love most is the intoxicating peachy scent of this product  I can't seem to stop sniffing this product. It really smells that good!

So now that  have I have shared my amazing experience with all that Beauty Box 5 has to offer why not check it out for yourself. Check them out at Beauty Box and let me know what you think.  Till then!  B

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Your Anti-Aging Skin Care Guide

What are the most common tells of a woman's age? Most skin care regimens zero in on public enemy No. 1: wrinkles. But don't overlook other common skin conditions that magnify the years on your face. A range of issues, from subtle changes in your skin tone to chronic dryness, can make your skin look older. From Total
Tips and tricks to stop the signs of aging in their tracks
Your Anti-Aging Skin Care Guide
This is a Skin Care article
With so many new innovations in anti-aging skin care, it can be tough to separate the fact from the fiction. Our guide will give you the tools to create an anti-aging regimen specifically catered to your lifestyle and unique skin care needs. From the new "it" ingredients to tried-and-true tips and advice from celebrities, we've got you covered.
March 24, 2014

Cosmetic Surgeries and Procedures

Thanks to modern advances in medical technology, people can look and feel better. Aging individuals want to have a younger appearance. Fortunately, such results are possible with cosmetic procedures. The skin begins to naturally sag as people age. Therefore, small loose flaps of skin may develop in certain areas of the body such as face, neck, arms and buttocks. A face lift is used to physically tighten up any loose skin that may contribute to an aged appearance. 

Special insertions are made into various parts of the face in order to hold specific tissues together. Most facial cosmetic procedures are considered outpatient treatments. In a matter of hours, patients can go back home after undergoing a face lift. Injections may also be applied to various parts of the face in order to add some more natural volume and tone. For example, natural fat is often injected into the cheeks and even lips.

Laser technology is commonly applied for various types of cosmetic procedures for men and women. For example, hair can be completely removed using simple laser beams. Ladies can have a long lasting hair removal for their legs, bikini lines, underarms and other desirable parts. Additionally, laser is used to completely eliminate varicose veins that protrude in men's and women's legs.

Liposuction is another very popular cosmetic procedure. This treatment is used to remove excess fat from the arms, midsection, buttocks and thighs. Dr. Vincent Ivers is an example of a board certified cosmetic surgeon that does various procedures.

Best Cheek and Lip Stains - Get a Natural Glow

There's something so appealing and youthful about flushed cheeks and rosy lips. Unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with a perpetual glow and just-bitten-looking lips. The good news is makeup companies have done their best to give us what nature should have through the ingenious invention of lip and cheek stains. That said, while some of these products have forever earned a place in our reader's makeup bags, others have wound up in their trash bins. From Total
See which multi-taskers left readers rosy and glowing ... and which ones failed to impress
8 Best Lip and Cheek Stains -- and the 3 Worst
This is a Makeup article
Nothing says pretty and youthful quite like rosy lips and cheeks, but alas, most of us aren't born with a perpetual glow and just-bitten lips. That's where these lip and cheek stains come in. See which ones have earned a permanent spot in our readers' makeup bags and which ones were tossed in the trash. average reader rating: 8.0
"My favorite lip stain ever," says one reviewer. average reader rating: 8.4
"This is the one thing that never gets taken out of my purse," says one enthusiastic reviewer. average reader rating: 8.5
"It lasts and lasts, and you can reapply if needed. Works perfectly on cheeks, too," one reader says.
March 23, 2014

The Importance of Information Gathering For Cancer Care

Guest Post: Cancer is a very scary and frightening topic to discuss and many people when confronted with such an issue usually are confused on where to turn for information.  Unfortunately, not being able to find good quality information on cancer issues is problematic for many.  So, an Internet search is a good place to start looking for information on cancer.  Such a search can include cancer facts, cancer treatments, coping mechanisms among other things.  Additionally, searches can also result in not only finding information, but also support and networks such as a mesothelioma network.

The good news is that everyday the medical community in conjunction with scientific research and pharmaceutical investments are making advances in the world of cancer treatment and improved care and better quality of life.  The important thing is that knowledge is key when it come to dealing with cancer.  As such there are groups, organizations and Internet websites that can provide help when you are looking for answers. For instance, there are websites that provide information on mesothelioma, colon cancer, breast cancer or others types of cancer concerns.  The main thing is that it is important to do your due diligence and become as knowledgeable as you can.

The reason why it is important to become educated on your cancer concerns is because it allows you to be able to relate better with the information that your health care provider is discussing with you as well as treatments and therapies that are available.  In addition to conventional therapies there might possibly be adjunctive therapies that you might want to be familiar with.  Also, through thorough research you might be able to discover coping mechanisms that can help through the cancer process.

Powerhouse Ingredients To Help Treat Hyperpigmentation

Look for these powerhouse ingredients when you need to banish acne scars, sun damage and melasma
The New
This is a Skin Care article
Latinas cite hyperpigmentation as one of their top skin care issues, and with good reason: Treating it can be tricky and darker skin tones naturally have more melanin. And although Latinas have varying skin tones, they are often prone to more noticeable and long-lasting changes that can be tough to treat. We turned to Heather Woolery-Lloyd, M.D., who specializes in pigmentation concerns in women of color, to give us the scoop on the best ingredient combos to combat dark spots.

March 18, 2014

Help For Dry Skin and Signs of Aging - DIY lip scrubs and hydrating oils

Banish dry skin and signs of aging with our tips for pampered skin
Your Essential Winter Skin Care Arsenal
This is a Skin Care article
It's inevitable: Winter wreaks havoc on our skin and hair, and our usual routine just isn't enough to combat it. So we pulled together our favorite tips to get you through the cold and keep your skin happy and healthy. From DIY lip scrubs to hydrating oils, we've got everything you need to pamper your skin this season.
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Diet Tips Nutritionists Swear By

See how the experts battle the bulge during cold months
7 Winter Diet Tips Nutritionists Swear By
This is a Diet article
It's no secret that a lot of us tend to gain a pound (or five) in the winter. Chalk it up to the cold making us sluggish or indulging in a few too many treats, but according to a study in "The New England Journal of Medicine," most of us will gain between one to five pounds over the winter. And, in even more depressing news, those pounds tend to stick around, no matter how much we promise ourselves we'll start hitting the gym in time for beach season. So we pumped the best nutritionists to get the tips they rely on to stay slim through the winter.
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Tips and Tricks For DIY Smooth, Glowing and Hydrated Skin

Everything you need to keep your skin in tip-top condition this winter
Vaseline Winter Beauty Guide
This is a Skin Care article
Nothing says winter quite like snowy days and crisp, fresh air. Unfortunately, these can also wreak havoc on your skin, making it parched and dry. We've got the tips and tricks to DIY your way back to smooth, glowing and hydrated skin.
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March 17, 2014

Best Makeup Tools for Better Makeup Application

Imagine a world without makeup tools. Scary, right? I'm sure we could probably survive -- plus, these celebrities show that sometimes being tweezer-less is a good thing. But a simple tool like a foundation brush or eyelash curler can make all the difference in your makeup routine. Reviewers agree that these makeup tools do the job. From Total
See which beauty tools dominated the competition
13 Best Makeup Tools
This is a Makeup article
A world without makeup tools? We might not be able to survive. And reviewers seem to agree that the right brushes and tools can make a world of difference in your daily routine. From foundation brushes to eyelash curlers, we've gathered the readers' top-rated makeup tools. average reader rating: 9.3
Its "firm" bristles help delver maximum coverage, giving skin a "flawless" look without a "cake-y" finish. average reader rating: 9.3
Reviewers love this "adorable" and "amazingly soft" synthetic brush. average reader rating: 9.3
This comb/brush combo is such a great value that one reviewer says she feels like she's "stealing [it], not purchasing it!"