May 25, 2010


The grass is always greener -- especially when it comes to your hair.  If you were born with curls, chances are you’ve always vied for sleek, stick-straight locks; if you’ve dealt with pin-straight strands since childhood, you’re likely envious of your ringlet-laden gal pal.  What gives?  We’re all tempted to try new ‘dos in hopes they might be more manageable, sexier, more fun, you name it.  So for you ladies who have decided you want to kick your kinks or curls to the curb (for the time being) -- by relaxing them, this quiz is for you.  By the end you'll know if you're ready to relax or not. The preceding article was written By Robin Immerman Gruen from To read the rest of this article click here.

The answers to a few quick qs will tell all

Have you been considering smoothing out those curls? Before you take the plunge, make sure that a relaxing treatment is right for you.
When I gave this quiz to my best friend this was her results:

Consider Relaxing Your Hair:
We knew it: You are tempted to tweak and toy with your hair, like you do with your clothing, weekend plans and daily routine. It's fun to try something new with your strands, be it a style or texture, and we like that you understand that hair speaks volumes about your personal style and edge. For this reason, you should absolutely consider relaxing your hair, explains NYC stylist, Antonio Cipriano (who relaxes client's hair at the Cutler Salon in New York City). Just remember -- hydration is the key to keeping relaxed hair sleek, shiny and soft. To prep yourself for relaxed hair after care, get into the routine now of giving your strands mega moisture by using at-home conditioning products geared toward hydrating and healing parched, naturally-coarse hair. We suggest Motions Deep Penetrating Treatment 10oz, which you can use once a week to give hair serious TLC. 


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