July 19, 2010


Just when I thought I only had to worry about my skin making me look older along comes an article from Allure that talks about how my hair may also be making me look older.  Thankfully, the Allure Magazine article talks about the ways I can combat the appearance of my aging "do".

Easy Steps for Covering Grays, Creating Volume, and Fattening Thinning Hair

Allure Magazine/ Allure.com
If you thought your face was the only betrayer of your age, we've got a news flash: Dull, damaged hair screams, "Don't bother to card me!" Here, the best pro tips for covering grays, adding shine, and plumping limp strands.
By Kayleigh Donahue

Crank up the volume.
The easiest way to keep hair from looking thin and limp is by befriending a great texturizer. Two that work instantly are Living Proof No Frizz Restyling Spray and Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray. "The Living Proof No Frizz Restyling Spray comes out wet, but once you hit it with a blow-dryer, it dries really fast and adds a lot of volume for all hair types," says hairstylist Tommy Buckett of the Marie Robinson Salon in New York City. Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray can also be applied all over to thicken hair without any tacky or powdery residue. "It's perfect for refreshing a blowout after a day or two," Buckett says
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Make it shine.
Nothing says young and unprocessed like a head full of shiny hair. But the secret to getting it may seem like an oxymoron: "The best way to add shine is by styling with heat, which can be damaging if you don't do it correctly," says hairstylist Mark Townsend of the Marie Robinson Salon in New York City. Always apply a heat-protecting spray (try Tresemm√© Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray). If you use a blow-dryer, add the nozzle attachment and aim it down the hair shaft—this helps the cuticle lie flat. Finish by running a flatiron over strands to seal the cuticle and give hair a glassy surface. If you have curls, wrap them around the barrel of a curling iron the same width as your spirals

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