July 28, 2010


I would consider a $100 bottle of skin serum a "selfish splurge"of mine.  For most of my beauty purchases I do set a limit on how much I am willing to spend on a product but every once in awhile I like to treat myself and my skin to a little somethin' special. The Ladi Avokanto Avocado Oil by Sponge Skin Care is definitely one of those "splurgy" products that I am glad I said "yes" to.  After reading in Harper's Bazaar Magazine on-line that this product is one that Scarlet Johansson uses for her always luminescent skin I had to give a try!

Sponge Skin Care Ladi Avokanto Avocado Oil
Chock full of skin nourishing ingredients like vitamins D and E and of course avocado oil, The Ladi Avokanto Avocado Oil leaves skin feeling nourished and well cared for. I love how beautiful and "glowy" (not oily) my complexion looked after using it! So, yes I spent a little more than I usually would for a skin care product but every once in awhile it is fun to treat yourself!  Please let me know what "selfish splurges" you have treated your skin to.  Till then!  B.
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Ladi Avokanto Avocado Oil by Sponge Skin Care (product details)
Description: This sumptuous formulation features the highest-quality avocado oil mixed with olive leaf and vitamins D and E. These exceptional ingredients work together to restore, firm and condition skin while neutralizing free radicals with potent antioxidants. It provides both immediate and cumulative results that leave the skin with a fresh, youthful and radiant appearance.

Recommended Use: Apply to your face, neck and décolleté every night. This product may be used alone or combined with a moisturizer.