August 10, 2011

Makeup Foundation For Flawless Looking Skin

I was recently shopping for a new foundation when I found myself caught in the middle of an "internal fight" between the practical side of me and the selfish and vain side of me. The selfish side of me wants that high end, pricey foundation that makes my skin look so pretty but the practical side of me HATES spending a ridiculous amount of money one 1 beauty product. "You could probably get 3 beauty items with what that 1 high end foundation costs." "But this foundation makes my skin look so soft beautiful." And so the internal struggle goes on and on.  So when I find a product that satisfies both the "needy" and "practical" side of me I am one happy shopper! Enter the Sephora Perfecting Cover Foundation

The Sephora Perfecting Cover Foundation beautifully and flawlessly conceals and evens out my skin tone without settling into my pores and dare I say, my fine lines (ugh!).  Plus, it is offered at a much more reasonable price than my usual foundation ($22). For me the Sephora Perfecting Cover Foundation is good stuff. It is oil free which works great for me in the summer but I think that I will need to add a dab of moisturizer to this foundation for a little extra hydration when I wear it in the colder and dryer months of winter.  Please let me know what you think of the Sephora Perfecting Cover Foundation.Till then!  B.

Sephora Perfecting Cover Foundation product details from 

What it is:
"A full-coverage foundation to create a flawlessly smooth effect."

What it does:
"This long-lasting foundation delivers an advanced definition complexion as it smoothes and perfects skin's appearance. Every skintone can create a virtually invisible look with one of its 12 shades."

What else you need to know:
"To smooth expression lines, this foundation contains peptides extracted from the seeds of hibiscus. For a long-lasting finish, micro-spherical powders absorb sebum. A moisturizing complex provides hydrating properties. This oil-free, non-comedogenic formula is tested under dermatological control."