November 16, 2011

7 Face Powders To Avoid Like The Plague

"What makes one powder better than another, and are the super-expensive products more foolproof than their drugstore counterparts? After combing through thousands of reviews from readers who've dusted and pressed them all onto their faces, we were surprised to find that some of the lowest-rated products are from high-end brands."

"How can this be? Makeup artist Anabel DeHaven says today, well-stocked drugstores offer such a wide variety of shades and textures that it frees women from relying on high-end beauty counters to find a perfect match. What's more, DeHaven says that if a woman is paying top dollar for a powder, she's going to expect it to work miracles and be absolutely flawless."

"Want to know which powders actually do work miracles? Here they are. But just as important is knowing about the ones that'll make you look like you have flour thrown on your face. Read on for that list." From Total
Don't want to look too white, orange, or cakey? Steer clear of these terrible powders

7 Face Powders You Should Avoid Like the Plague
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Readers say these powders emphasize every pore and fine line and leave you with cakey, discolored, acne-ridden skin. To make sure you don't end up regretting your next powder purchase, read this list and avoid these products at all cost. average reader rating: 6.9

No. 7: L'Oreal Paris True Match Naturale Soft-Focus Mineral Finish, $15.25
"This stuff GAVE me wrinkles and emphasizes every pore, wrinkle, line, and imperfection creating a chalky, cakey mess." average reader rating: 6.9

No. 6: E.L.F. Mineral Foundation, $5
This powder does "nothing for [my] face as far as complexion improvement." average reader rating: 6.8

No. 5: CoverGirl TRUBlend Minerals Loose Powder, $7.79
"Whenever I wear this and step out into the sun, I get negative comments about the intense shimmer."