November 24, 2011

Best Nail Polish of 2011 - See Who's Crowned #1

"Is it just us, or is standing in front of the polish wall at the nail salon trying to choose a color totally and utterly daunting?"

"Sure, you could pick a color solely based on shade, but when there are 30 pale pinks, 50 reds, and seemingly every color in between, how do you weed through the masses and know which brand will deliver a smooth, shiny manicure -- and last through a week of typing, dishes, and texting?"

"To come up with this list, our editors spent weeks with multi-hued nails as we tested hundreds of brands and shades to find the best nail polishes on the market right now."

"What did we find? Polishes that survived a weekend of sailing without so much as a chip -- and others that smudged and chipped after one measly day. We discovered new eco-friendly brands that delivered more shine than we thought possible, a polish that actually protects your nails from fungus (and has some of the most amazing glitter shades around), and much more." From Total
Total Beauty doles out this year's Nail Polish Awards! See which brands you should choose for your next manicure -- and which you should avoid

Best Nail Polishes of 2011
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We tested the hundreds of nail polish brands and shades to bring you this list of the best (and the worst!) polishes. See which one is the most chip-proof, which delivers the most pigmented colors, and more.