November 18, 2011

Get Perfect, Full Eyelashes

"Every time I look at a magazine or check out TMZ, celebs seem to come at me with larger-than-life lashes. Granted, some are a little scary. But others are long, lush, and lust-worthy. Which got me thinking: Why should celebs be the only ones with gorgeous eyelashes? Shouldn't us "little people" get a chance too? (Especially for something as important as a wedding!)"

"After doing some digging, I realized there are lots of ways you can get your lashes to look fuller, longer, and thicker for your wedding day. For the lowdown on some of the best in-salon lash treatments, I chatted with Courtney Akai of Courtney Akai Lash Boutique in New York City. I also scouted out some great options you can do at home if there just isn't room in your wedding budget for a salon visit. Think of these treatments as your official license to lash out (in a good way):." From Total
Want long, thick lashes without wearing falsies? See how to get them naturally

How to Get Perfect, Full Eyelashes
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We've come to terms with our mousy hair color, our pasty skin -- even our ugly toes. But we can't accept our stubby, sparse wisps for eyelashes. That's why we talked to Courtney Akai of Courtney Akai Lash Boutique in New York City to find out what we can do to have long, lust-worthy lashes.