November 18, 2011

Get This Sexy TV Anchor's Makeup and Hair Tips

That perfectly coiffed hair, that flawless skin, those gorgeous plump and blindingly shiny lips and of course that sexy eye makeup.  Who am I talking about? Gorgeous TV news anchors like Jenna Lee from Fox News.  Ever wonder how those ladies always look soooo incredibly perfect?  Well check out Jenna's on-air beauty routine and see which beauty products she relies on to get "camera ready". Oh, and maybe steal a few of her tips for yourself.  Let me know what you think.  Till then!  B.  Check out the article below from for all the details.

Hot News Anchor Hair and Makeup Tips

How Foxy Fox Anchor Jenna Lee Gets Camera-Ready

by Kate Sullivan, Writer, November 17, 2011, 12:34:28 PM

"The perfectly-primped news anchor is practically a stock character—exaggerated, with big hair and caked-on makeup. But the stereotype doesn't fit Jenna Lee, co-host of the Fox morning show Happening Now, whose hair is done but not pageant-coiffed, and whose pretty freckles are visible beneath a light layer of Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet foundation. We recently followed the 31-year-old anchor as she prepared for the show, chatting with her and her hair and makeup team, Erica Colon and Maureen Walsh." From