November 21, 2011

Hot Holiday Makeover - Get A "New You" Makeover Just In Time For The Holidays!

Seriously, could it REALLY be that time already? Is Thanksgiving really THIS Thursday?  I swear Halloween was just last week. I can't believe how fast time seems to be slipping away. So if you are like me and you haven't had the time to figure out how to "refresh" your everyday look for Thanksgiving then check out this article and learn how to look fab fast and get a "new you" makeover just in time for Thanksgiving. Let me know what you think. Till then! B.

You know those ho-hum days when life seems to be one mundane task after another? Wake up, press snooze, wake up again, shower, go to work, repeat. When life becomes routine, it's easy to get into a beauty rut as well. But a hot date, a wedding, or even a job interview are all good reasons to break that five-minute morning regimen you've got down pat. And that's where we come in. We gave three readers hair, makeup, and style makeovers for their upcoming special occasions -- including a quick teeth whitening to get them ready for their picture ops."

"At the newly opened Inglot Cosmetics studio in New York City, our readers were introduced to celebrity hairstylist David Lopez, makeup artist Kerrie Urban and wardrobe stylist Alison Lang. See how the experts transformed these real women and how you, too, can incorporate their tips and easy-to-replicate styles for those special occasions that dot your calendar." From Total
See what our experts suggest for three women with three very big events

Your Special Occasion Makeover
This is a makeover article
You know when you've got that special occasion coming up -- maybe it's a date, or a job interview, or you're hosting a party -- and you want to look your best but don't know how to make that happen? We gave three women a gorgeous makeover fitting for their special occasion needs. See each woman's before and after looks -- then steal the hair and makeup tips for yourself.