November 23, 2011

Learn How To Trim Your Bangs Like A Pro At Home

"Are you sick of shelling out good money every 10 minutes to get your bangs trimmed? (Or worse, of being forced to do them yourself and winding up looking like Christina Ricci in 'The Addams Family?") Join the club."

"As a way around this too-common issue, I recently popped in to see my favorite hair guru -- Giovanni Vaccaro at the Frederic Fekkai Salon in New York City -- and got him to share some of his no-fail DIY bang-trimming tips."

"Intrigued? Check out the video below" from Total
Sick of spending your hard-earned money every month on bang trims? Skip the salon and do them at home with these pro tips

How to Trim Your Bangs at Home
This is a hair care article
Sure, you'd love to trim your bangs yourself -- but the risk factor of looking like Courtney Love pre-makeover is high. We feel you, which is why we talked to Giovanni Vaccaro, hair guru at the Frederic Fekkai Salon in New York City. He shares his no-fail DIY bang-trimming tips.