November 17, 2011

Make Your Hair Gorgeous Once Again - Infusium 23 Leave-In Treatment

When it seems like you just can't get the same results out of your hair products like you used to,  I find that it is helpful to revisit the beauty products of your past.  And when I say past, I mean the past past.  Like the products that you used and worked well for you 10 plus years ago!  I have completely exhausted all the products in my hair product arsenal and NOTHING seems to be working lately. UGH!!! 

So after thumbing through my Lucky Magazine I came across an ad for the Infusion 23 Leave-In Treatment and I thought," I use to use an Infusium 23 Leave-in Treatment a while back and I loved how well it worked."  So, I figured why not give it a try again. This time I tried out the new Infusion 23 Repair and Renew Leave-In Treatment.  This leave-in treatment "infuses the hair cuticle to help restore healthy texture and strengthen against future damage.  It treats hair to help restore healthy texture and condition."

The Infusion 23 Repair and Renew Leave-In Treatment was just what my dry, thirsty, lack luster locks were craving. It really helped to put the shine, hydration and bounce back into my hair.  I also love the smooth texture that it gave my hair.  My hair felt just like I remember it feeling when I used the Infusium 23 Leave-In Treatment years and years ago.  It worked so well that I plan on sharing it with both of my daughters, hey, what are moms for!  So, if you feel like your hair is stuck in a rut you may what to revisit a good old friend of your past like I did to get your gorgeous locks back in shape.  Please let me know what you think.  Till then!  B.