November 23, 2011

Put An End To Your Dry, Brittle Hair

Lately I have noticed that when I blow dry my hair, my pants are covered with tiny, little broken fragments of my hair.( No wonder my hair doesn't look like it's growing!) Perhaps I have been too heavy handed with my styling products and flat iron.  All this hair breakage of mine is not a good thing especially since  I like to have my hair looking its best for the holidays and the subsequent holiday shop extravaganza. However, keeping my hair from breaking and looking and feeling dry and brittle becomes quite the challenge especially this time of year.  Between the coloring and styling as well as the cold outdoor temperatures and drying indoor heat it is no wonder that my hair is just as dry and brittle as an old, dry, fallen leaf. 

So in order to "cut" down of the amount of breakage and stress on my strands from my styling tools and coloring I have been using the new Alterna Bamboo Anti-Breakage Thermal Protectant Spray.  This spray helps to protect hair from heat damage (up to 428 degrees!) and it also helps to protect strands from chemical damage while making my hair smooth and silky.  This product has helped to "cut" down on the amount of breakage that I notice when I blow dry my hair. Now my hair feels less brittle and it definitly has more bounce and "life"to it.  I really love how well this worked for my hair.  Please let me know what you think of this product.  Till then!  B.