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How to get younger looking hands

After doing a “personal audit” of the things I need to work on for the up and coming warm weather season and I noticed that my hands have been looking, well, less than attractive. They have taken on a dry and wrinkly appearance, “man hands” if you will. I decided that an immediate intervention was needed and I made some changes in my daily hand care routine. Check out some of my tips for prettier hands!
Dish Pan Hands – This was my greatest enemy when it came to my older looking hands. To combat the extremely drying effects of dish soap I started using a dish soap with a kinder and gentler formula that is easy on hands. I also started wearing those dreaded rubber, yellow gloves while cleaning. They may be ugly but they do a fantastic job at protecting my hands!

To Protect and Defend. SPF, it does your hands good! We SPF our faces to prevent sings of premature aging so why not also treat our hands the same kind of TLC? The signs of sun damage can occur on our hands, hello age spots so, in order to keep hands as youthful looking as possible be sure to give them a healthy daily helping of SPF!

To keep my hands soft and smooth I like to exfoliate them once a week. While I am exfoliating my face I use a little of the same exfoliator I used on my face to exfoliate my hands. Exfoliating helps to remove dry rough patches giving hands a smoother appearance. Also, be sure to always keep a tube of hand cream close by and apply often to keep them soft and supple!

Keep nails manicured. Either an “at home” or salon mani will do the trick! Also, opt for a prettier, brighter color of nail polish rather than dark polish. I find that almost any shade of pink will instantly perk up my tired looking hands!

To turn back the “hands” of time on sun damaged hands you may want to check out the new procedures offered by dermatologists that are designed to renew aging hands like laser resurfacing treatments and chemical peel treatments. Both of these treatments help to remove sun spots a.k.a liver spots, giving hands a renewed more youthful appearance. I have also read about lipo-injection into the hands to improve veiny or bony looking hands. In this procedure fat is removed from hips and buttocks and is injected into hands to instantly plump up fragile looking hands. Interesting I know but hey, if it works who cares!

Please let me know what you thought about these tips. Till then! B

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