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Radical Skincare Instant Revitalizing Mask Review

I recently was given a sample of the

Radical Skincare Instant Revitalizing Mask

compliments of Radical Skincare. Radical Skincare was created by two sisters, Rachel and Liz, “that is dedicated to offer women an unparalleled level of skincare consisting of highly-effective, anti-aging formulations that deliver radically transformative results, because when you feel good about the skin you’re in, the impossible becomes possible and you see nothing but infinite potential surrounding you.”



Radical Skincare

Instant Revitalizing Mask is designed to treat “dull, out-of-breath skin. It is a multi-benefit, restorative mask that improves your complexion’s radiance by infusing it with the oxygen needed to increase energy supply to skin.  In order to fortify its energy reserve and ensure healthy, radiant skin every day, you need a deep, intensive treatment that delivers nothing less than truly radical results.  This rejuvenating formula not only effectively cleanses skin through a lush, foaming action, but also infuses it with the oxygen and fuel required to enhance energy supply to skin.”


“An ultra-potent blend of essential vitamins, botanical extracts and antioxidants, the Instant Revitalizing Mask helps regenerate skin while defending it against the harmful effects of free radicals. It is formulated with nourishing complex of beta carotene and antioxidant-rich vitamins A, C and E vital for collagen production and proper development of skin’s natural barriers. As for how it works, I was quite impressed with my results.  I applied a thin layer of the Instant Revitalizing Mask to my cleansed, dry skin.  Let it sit for several minutes and then rinsed it off.  What I had was a brighter, smoother, glowing and more refreshed complexion.  I absolutely love my results! The Instant Revitalizing Mask is the perfect pick-me-up for my skin. I found it to be especially helpful during the holiday season when I am more tired and my skin shows signs of stress and fatigue. You can get your

Holiday Glow

on with Radical Skincare’s Instant Revitalizing Mask.

I loved watching the Radical Inspiring Stories from Radical People videos as well.  You can view these videos yourself by following these links:  Recent video with Melanie Griffith – Radical Skincare and Radical Skincare at Sephora. Also, for more from the social media world you can check out #radicalatsephora #radicalskincare #radicalatsephora. Please let me know what you think.  Till then!  B.

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